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Know the properties and uses of acrylic fiber

Acrylic fibers is a synthetic fiber that closely resemble wool in character. According to the definitions of the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and the BISFA (International Office for Standardization of Synthetic Fibers), fibers that have a minimum of eighty-five percent acrylonitrile in their chemical structure are called acrylic fibers.  technologyify Acrylic fibers is made up of acrylonitrile and a comonomer. The comonomer is added to advance the dyeing and textile processability of the acrylic fiber. Acrylic fiber is generated with 2 different systems: wet spinning and also dry spinning. The acrylic fiber can be supplied as dyed by the producer either by pigmentation of the drug or with gel dyeing systems. It can be used one hundred percent alone, or in blends with other natural and synthetic fibers.  worldbeautytips Aksa process Aksa's manufacturing process is based on the wet spinning process. The fiber has a kidney-shaped cross section. Aksa gener

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